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In this section of the website, we hope you will share your experiences of any Ofsted inspections you have had recently – or if you just want to celebrate how well you have done, that is just as good!

Ofsted continues to be a big concern despite all the improvements we strive to make and if we can learn from each other and ‘steal the wheel’ rather than ‘reinvent’ then that has got to be worthwhile.

There is also a Documents and Links section where you can find links to some of the guidance and forms from the OFSTED website.

...  and also any OFSTED related information that we think is of interest.

So its over to you ……

Documents and LinksLink to the top of this page

We hope you will find the information below useful.

If you come across any more information that you want to share, please tell us.

Current Updates

Notes on the latest meeting between Charlie Henry and representatives of NAHHT, NAHSL and PRUs org can be accessed here.

New framework for school inspections for September 2013 can be accessed here.

More useful to our settings is the subsidiary guidance which can be accessed here.
Pages 37-39 are of particular use.

There are also new section 5 briefing papers for inspectors which include one for Pupils With Medical Needs.
The document can be downloaded here, or you can visit the OFSTED website:

Please note Charlie said that they would not ask schools directly about pupils with medical needs unless it had been raised in a parent/carer response. It is a useful document to take to school to remind them of their responsibilities however!
You can access this here.

Update on Ofsted inspections in school and medical PRUs

Update on Ofsted inspections in schools & medical settings summary.docx

Please see the above document for a summary of the main changes.
The last section are the parts specifically mentioned in the subsidiary guidance about ‘Medical Needs’ and worth making a note of what you will be asked to provide evidence for.

Subsidiary guidance for inspection from Ofsted 2012.pdf

There is also a full copy of subsidiary guidance.

Anyone out there had an inspection yet and would like to share their experiences?
Northants are waiting for the phone call!!

PRUs_Inspecting pupil referral units guidance_Sept 2009.doc

This Briefing Document has the folowing sections:
    What are pupil referral units?
    Practical considerations when inspecting PRUs
    Preparing the inspection
    Setting up the inspection
    Following up the inspection trails
    Weighting judgements about different parts of a complex PRU ...
    Reporting considerations
    Roles and responsibilities of Management Committees (MCs)

Links to OFSTED's website (we find the useful links to save you time)

For Ofsted inspections from September 2009

Inspector Guidance for Conducting the Inspection

Evaluation Schedule

Revised SEF and information about the new form

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