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This section of the website is designed for us to share ideas and plans to save us ‘reinventing the wheel’ and ensure that we can get our healthy schools/PRU accreditation more easily - after all, this is what we do best!

To help you find what you need, we have split this into four sections:

As always with this, and anything else on our website, if you can make any suggetsions that will help you or your colleagues, please let us know.

Everybody has heard about it, but where do you get more information without spending hours online reading?

As you tells us about information or providers that you find useful, we will add the information for you to read at your leisure!

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We will include the full text of the latest projects.

As you tells us about new projects, we will create a series of case studies that can be downloaded for you to read at your leisure!

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Looking for ideas - this might just help.

And if you have already had that all important flash of inspiration, please consider sending the information into us for inclusion here.

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This will inlcude links to external sites, and any other general information that we find.

Please remember, the more you contribute, the more likely you are to find something useful that someone else has submitted.

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