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Each year, NAHHT Members, guests and specially invited speakers meet up to share their knowledge and experiences.

2013 Conference
This was held as a joint conference with the Prus organisation and details of presentations and workshops can be accessed here:

We also provide a summary of our previous conferences, together with links to all of the presentations, and any other documents or websites that we think might be of interest.
The 2012 and 2010 conferences are below, and links to previous conferences can be found at the foot of this page.  

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2012 Conference
Presentations from the 2012 Conference are below.

Notes from Charlie Henry presentation re inspections.doc

Providing Education for Children and Young people with.ppt

Study Day 2012 original flyer

2010 Conference
"Steering" to get "Back on Track"

NAHHT Conference 2010Keynote Speeches from:
Andrew Redpath (Ofsted)
Roy Leighton (Independent Thinking)

and workshops that included:
Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)
Child exploitation and online protection
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Emerging personality disorders
Youchoose (ASDAN online)
Eating disorders
ASD and social stories
And the ever popular Discussion Forum

Andrew Redpath (Ofsted)

Roy Leighton (Independent Thinking)

The presentation given by Roy Leighton on Making a Difference was translated into a visual representation by an artist and graphic recorder Sally Pennycate.

 Summary of The Butterfly Model methodology:

Making a Difference - a visual representation by Sally Pennycate

This illustration complements Roy's teachings as it was created during the presentation playing to the kinaesthetic and visual styles of learning as well as providing an excellent memory tool after the event.
Illustrating to record information is a powerful tool that requires few artistic skills just the ability to use simple seed shapes and images to make a pictorial representation.
Sally delivers workshops guiding others to create their own visual representation of a lesson or lecture so it can be easily assimilated and remembered.

A high resolution version of the above image can be downloaded here.

Sally Pennycate at work (1)              Sally Pennycate at work (2)

This year’s conference provided a selection of workshops:

Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)

Child exploitation and online protection

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Emerging personality disorders

You Choose (ASDAN online)
The You Choose Bronze Award is our entry level programme specifically targeting those not engaged or at risk of disengagement from mainstream education.  It is a 60 hour Award, made up of 3-hour personalised challenges. There is no restriction as to the curriculum content so it can be used to accredit any informal development of skills and activities.

This programme develops self confidence and self esteem in learners who have encountered barriers to their learning.  This can now delivered with the Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE) ‘built in’ which, as well as offering excellent differentiation, offers the equivalent of half a GCSE.  This programme is available in a paper-based or online format.

For more information about our other range of qualifications including GCSE equivalents, please have a look at our website www.youchooselearning.co.uk

Click here for the You Choose conference presentation.

Eating disorders

ASD and social stories

And the ever popular discussion forum

We even had a mini exhibition that included . . .

HTI and Go4it at the NAHHT 2010 ConferenceHTI presenting Go4it
Go4it is a national campaign and awards process for schools that demonstrate across the school, a continuously improving culture of creativity, innovation and adventure for learning, underpinned by a positive attitude towards risk.

Click here for the booklet that contains further information and an application form.

More images from the NAHHT 2010 Conference & Study Day

Accipio at the NAHHT 2010 conference NAHHT conference exhibition 1
Delegates at the NAHHT 2010 conference Some of the team at work at the NAHHT Conference 2010

2009 Conference
Back on Track: Stay on Track

Taking the opportunities and rising to the challenges

2008 Conference
Same but Different:

Challenges of individualised learning for vulnerable pupils with medical and mental health issues

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