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Each year, NAHHT Members, guests and specially invited speakers meet up to share their  knowledge and experiences.

2008 Conference
Same but Different: Challenges of individualised learning for vulnerable pupils with medical and mental health issues

This year’s conference featured a keynote speech by Janet Thompson (HMI) entitled ‘The individual within a community – effective personalised education’.
Her talk was very thought provoking and covered the national context for alternative provisions, what they believe in and the consequences if the education is not right. She then shared with us the 2020 vision for pupils in alternative provisions. Finally, she took us through how to effectively plan an individual journey, taking into account the child/young person, their ‘group – peer and family and their community.
A copy of Janet’s Powerpoint presentation can be accessed here.

Feedback from previous conferences then indicated that delegates would like access to more workshops and this year they could choose up to 3 from a wide variety of topics (see the full report for details)
Evaluations from the conference showed that 100% graded it at good or better in terms of usefulness to their roles and the comments about opportunities to network with other colleagues in similar situations, and share resources are sometimes the most valuable part of the day.
Other comments included:
‘Good day with excellent choice of workshops’
‘Find practical workshops very useful’
‘Very thought provoking’
‘Excellent location for conference and valuable day’
‘Another successful day – always great to meet and talk to others in NAHHT’

The full conference report can be downloaded here


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