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The NAHHT committee should be made up of 3 representatives from each of the areas, but we currently have vacancies. If you are interested in joining, please contact one of the members below.

You may have noticed that our committee meetings move about the country.
This is to minimise travel for some who live in more inaccessible areas and for us to often visit other people's facilities to get new ideas!
As we said at the AGM we are looking into ways of meeting up remotely and that is ongoing. We feel that more people might be interested if they didn't have to give up a whole day for each meeting.
Don't forget, we still have vacancies .... Please ask if you would like any more info.
Best wishes

Copies of the minutes and reports from our AGM and Regional Meetings are below 


Cath Kitchen

Cath is the acting head of the medical PRU in Northamptonshire.
There are 2 outreach bases for KS 3 & 4, 2 hospital bases, and 1 tier 4 in patient provision with another in the process of being built and home tuition service.

Email  Cath Kitchen

Helen Perris

Helen is Area Head of South Somerset Partnership School. This is composed of a Medical PRU (including Hospital and Outreach provision), a KS4 Behaviour PRU, a KS2/3 behaviour PRU, and a satellite provision covering KS1-4.

Annalise Price-Thomas

Annalise is the Head of Service, Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service

Sam Greenway

Sam is the teacher in charge in an adolescent unit in Hessle, Hull.
They take up to 12 pupils with 6 residential, mostly general psychiatric cases. The unit is currently looking at becoming a 24 hour provision. There is Sam and 1 FT teacher and they open 5 days. The PRU is hospital, home tuition and psychiatric childrens unit but we may be branching into other areas eg school phobics.

Sam Greenway

Clare Andrews
Louise Whittaker

Bev Durham
Julie Overend

Bev works in Trafford , near Manchester. From September 2013 the service has been renamed to become
"The Medical Education Service "
It comprises of : a KS4 centre ( medical PRU ) for mainly ASR pupils , eating disorders , self harm etc . A KS3 centre for similar pupils based in a self contained area of a local high school and a home tuition service .
There is no hospital service as Trafford hospital cases are treated in Manchester hospitals and receive education from Manchester Hospital service during this time.
She is line managed with A KS3/4 Behaviour Pupil referral unit on a separate site but sharing the same management committee.

Email  Bev Durham

Julie is a ward teacher at Nottingham Children’s Hospital and a member of the cystic fibrosis multi disciplinary team. Nottingham has a Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre, which is made up of the hospital school at Queen’s Medical Centre with 7 fte teachers, and a purpose built site at Thorneywood where children and young people attend the school following their admission to the Health Trust’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).
Home Education is also managed from Thorneywood where Key Stage 4 pupils with medical needs who are unable to attend their own school but who are fit to leave home are encouraged to attend small group provision called The Fairmead Group.

Email  Julie Overend

AGM and Committee Meetings

Click to download
NAHHT AGM held on 15th October 2010
October  2010 Minutes 15 10 2010
NAHHT Committee Meeting on 23rd April 2010
April 2010 Minutes 23/4/10
AGM held on 3rd July 2009

AGM Minutes


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