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NAHHT (National Association of Hospital and Home Teaching) is a professional association for teachers and staff in the UK who work with children and young people whose medical needs prevent them from attending school.

Our Members benefit from reduced rates at conferences and contact with fellow members across the country.

The NAHHT web site gives 24 hour access to news, support and documentation. We work in a wide range of settings for different types of line management, and may not always hear about the latest information about educational research, new government initiatives and national strategies. This site will help to make sure all members have access to this information and guidance.


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Members join as individuals and NAHHT offers a local and regional network for support and guidance.

NAHHT divides the UK into 8 areas. Each area has 3 representatives on the national committee.

The committee meets 3 or 4 times a year to oversee the management of the association.

teacher with pupils at computer


Hospital Teachers - employed in a hospital school, service or Pupil Referral Unit whose core work is the education of children and young people whose medical needs, which may include teenage pregnancy, prevent them from attending school.

Home Teachers - in the broadest sense, teachers who work in settings outside school which may also often not be at home, such as in libraries, community centres, clinics.


teacher with pupil at home

We strive to raise the standards of education for young people who are temporarily or permanently disadvantaged by illness or other medical or mental health conditions.

We actively promote our children and young people's entitlement to high quality educational opportunities.

We support our members in continuing professional development to achieve these high standards.


NAHHT started over 20 years ago as The National Standing Conference of Hospital Teachers. Our new name reflects changes in paediatric care since the 1990s which mean more children need to be taught at home after ever shorter stays in hospital.

NAHHT supports members in 8 regions across the UK:

• N East & Scotland
• N West
• Yorkshire
• W Midlands
• E Midlands
• S West & Wales
• London
• N Ireland

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