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* * * New updates from the DfE * * * You can still renew your Membership * * * New e-safety resources details available * * * New updates from the DfE * * * You can still renew your Membership * * * New e-safety resources details available * * *

Joining up of associations for professionals who work with children with additional health needs

For the first time this year, NAHHT joined with the National PRUs organisation to hold a joint conference which was a big success. Planning is already in motion for next year’s event! NAHHT members had the opportunity to attend at a reduced price on the Friday where the keynotes and workshops were more geared towards working with our pupil cohort. There was still plenty of time for discussion and networking. See the conference section for more details. Cath is now on the executive committee for Prusap.org so can cement this link even further.

Cath is planning to attend the Units United conference in September this year to discuss closer working with colleagues based in in-patient units, and has attended the National Association of Hospital School Leaders as a day delegate to network and link with them. It is hoped that both these organisations will have a tab on our website in the future.

Onwards and upwards together!!

New membership arrangements

Following a proposal at our AGM, I am delighted to report that there are now group membership rates available for organisations that have several members of staff who wish to become members. Individual membership is to remain at 20 and then group membership is up to 5 members : 80, up to 10 members 120 and up to 20 members 200. Please see membership section for new forms.

Membership fees are now due!

National updates

Statutory guidance:
Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs.

This update on Access to Education was produced in January 2013 and is statutory guidance for local authorities. There are some significant changes to the original guidance and I would urge you to ensure your local authority officer has read the document. You can access a copy of it here.

NAHHT colleagues worked together to produce a specimen local authority policy which you can customise for your own county. The specimen policy can be accessed here.

Alternative Provision Consultation Group

This group convened by the DfE following on from the Charlie Taylor report meets 3 times a year to discuss national issues affecting alternative provisions.  Chaired by Seamus Oates (The Bridge AP Academy), the membership is made up of a wide variety of professionals from different relevant organisations and settings from across the country.  Minutes will be made available in the future and will be uploaded here.

Please let Cath know if there are any issues you would like raised.

Pupils with Additional Health Needs Reference Group

This group had its initial meeting in June of this year and is co-ordinated by Helen Gravestock of CLIC Sargent and Cath from NAHHT.  The idea is that it is a smaller group than the larger AP group (see anobe) that could be used to drive the agenda for our pupil cohort forward.  Terms of reference for the group can be accessed here.

Membership of this group includes representation from Units United, hospital schools, private providers, department for education as well as young people, their parents/carers and associated medical professionals.  The idea is the meeting venue will move around the country so different people will have an opportunity to be involved in discussions.  Please let Cath know if you would be interested in hosting a meeting.

A list of the main issues concerning people at the initial meeting can be accessed here.

Future funding for pupils with medical needs

There is information on the Department for Education website about funding for our next academic year or you can access it here.  What is most useful to us, is the guidance for local authorities which goes into a bit more detail.  That can be accessed here.

The funding group, made up of hospital school leaders and Cath, is still in discussion with the DfE regarding an appropriate funding formula but this is still work in progress.  My sincere thanks to all who send me budget sheets – it is not too late to submit any you still have!

Please ensure that your link finance person who submits numbers to the DfE is aware of your presence (some local authorities did not realise that home tuition would be classified as ‘hospital education’ so submitted a nil return last year!) and has accurate details about your numbers so DfE have accurate information.

Ofsted news

Members of NAHHT met with Charlie Henry in April 2013 to raise member’s issues regarding expectations from inspections of our settings.  His responses to the points is outlined in a record of the meeting which can be accessed in the Ofsted section of the website.
The new framework for school inspection and the subsidiary guidance for September 2013 is now available.  I am pleased to say that some of the clarifications we asked for in our meeting have appeared in the subsidiary guidance.  You can also access these in the Ofsted section of the website.

Moving to become an Alternative Provision Academy

The first two academies to convert which have included pupils with medical needs are James Brindley School in Birmingham and The Quay School in Poole (also provides for pupils who have been excluded) so the ball has started rolling!  I know of quite a few others who have their ‘order’ so are able to convert.

There is many more helpful documents now available on the DfE website via this link for those of you moving in this direction. Keep us posted at NAHHT about your experiences so we can share.


link to PRUSAP.ork.uk
The National Organisation for PRUs and Alternative Providers in England and Wales


Provide support, advice and signposting for teachers, leaders and all staff in PRUs and registered alternative provision settings

Conference & Study Days 2008/9/10/11/12/13

Copies of the presentations and a summary of our annual conferences are available to read and download on our Conference page.
The HOPE (Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe) website has had a makeover. HOPE is an international NGO which brings together teachers working with Children and young people with medical needs all over Europe. Logo of the Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe

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